Move off the Island ( Custom level by Gamer )
Story by Gamer

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This level shouldn't be too tough... but here is a walkthrough anyway. (Try to click full screen mode.)

Get your grunt to pick up the gauntletz, and break the two bottom rocks on the platform. (the two top ones don't have anything under them) Then press each blue toggle switch, and walk down to the warp.

You can save or keep going if you want to. (The next part is timed.)


When the ball (on the right) is in the middle, between the plain tile and the two-way arrow, break the rock at the far left, then back up to the penninsula. When the two time bombs are ticking, move up one square. After these blow up, Hurry! Go get the boxing gloves, and you can box the post guard back, (though this isn't neccesary) and go by the fort. Go to the up arrow the ball was rolling on, and move your grunt to there. A secret teleporter will open up where the arrow was pointing,


Not much to do here but to press the secret switch 'hidden' by the 4 trees on the left.


The timing is tight. Go directly and get the coin and the warp letter, then leave and teleport back.

Bring your grunt to the dock below the toggle bridge. (leading to the warpstone island) Then , when the bridge goes up, hurry to the other side to the warpstone. Then hurry to the fort, and you will have gotten a perfect score!