A River Runs Through It! ( Custom level by Gamer )
Story by Gamer

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You will start out with 4 gruntz. Send both of them to the arrow above them. Don't try to get to the secret switch, you can't get to it now. (You will warp back to it later.)

Your gruntz will get sent to two different parts of the map, (which as the name suggests... A river runs through it!)

First, the gruntz on the left side. You have 2 gruntz, and gauntletz for each one. Break the rock, and toggle both toggle switches so the balls are released at the same time. Do the following quickly!

Bring each grunt down to the dock just above the down arrow. Go to the side of the down arrow, then go on to the purple switch. Hurry! :)

After both balls have been destroyed by the purple pyramids, hopefully neither 1 switch should be pressed, and it should be that way. DON'T PRESS THEM!

Send both grunts to the area around the right one switch but DON'T PRESS IT! Check behind those trees and there will be a red brick. Break it and send your other grunt to go break the rock that lies behind it, and get the coin.

Go down and break the rocks, and then give the shovel to the bare-handed grunt. Send your gauntletz grunt on the right set of arrows (that the ball took) that take you so a left arrow is on your left and a left arrow is on your right. Send the gauntletz grunt down, behind the trees, and up a space. Send your shovelz grunt grunt to beneath the right arrow (the one under a tree), on the very left side of the board. Now send your gauntletz grunt up the right side to beneath the right arrow. A secret teleporter will open on the left and take you to a secret.


Get the coins, but don't enter the warp back yet. Get back to where you teleported in, and you might want to save here. After you do, right as the lava geyser is going down, send your shovelz grunt to go digging. The lava geysers will be coming as you finish, but don't worry. Try to know RIGHT when you are done, because the timing is tight. Go diagonally down-right to the warp letter! Yay! Go out past the lava geysers and warp back.

Now get both gruntz to the checkpoint switches. Remember to NOT press the once only switches.


Once you get out you will note that you have the gruntz in all the wrong order. But don't worry! Send the shovelz grunt down and to the right. Then send the gauntletz grunt down to the left of the shovelz grunt. Break the rock and send the gauntletz grunt to the left and send the shovelz grunt up right before the bomb hits.

Then send your gauntletz grunt to dodge the kamikaze gruntz, and to go up to the top right of the section, below the bomb brick. Bring the grunt two spaces to the left, then quickly up. The third kamikaze grunt will run, and break the bomb brick. Break the rock and give the gauntletz grunt the sponge gun. Go to sponge gun the shovelz grunt over the two (two-way) arrows. Have the shovelz grunt get the coinz.

Then put both of them on the purple switchez to the left of the 'river' and this will break the balls. Send the shovelz grunt across the intersection tile, and then QUICKLY send the gauntletz grunt up. Then send the shovelz grunt up. Send the shovelz grunt up to dig the hole under the teleporter. Then send the gauntletz grunt through the teleporter. Scroll back quickly to the area you were on before to have the shovelz grunt get the coin, and move down once (to evade the teleporter). Then move the gauntletz grunt off the bridge to the plain land and finally warp your shovels grunt to where the gauntletz grunt is.

This will put the first 2 gruntz where they need to be. Now let's focus on the other two gruntz on the other side of the 'river'.


One grunt should teleport in below the dock in the lava pit, and the other should teleport in on the bottom left corner of the water island. Send your water-island grunt to press the blue hold switch behind the trees.

Now send a grunt down to where the down arrow is pointing. Keep going down, and you will see that you can walk through one of the trees. Get the coin that is there and the one below it that is hidden by the tree. Send this grunt back.

Send a grunt down to pick up the gravity bootz. Don't worry about the tool thief grunt. It's not hard avoiding the rolling ball.

Once one of the gruntz has the gravity boots, go into the part above the gravity bootz spot and press the green toggle switch. This shouldn't be hard.

Then send your other grunt to get the springz and press the other green toggle switch.

Wait! Before you do anything else bring your springz grunt back to the top of the board. You have a little work to do there. Go to the spot where your grunt warped in, by the lava. Cross the bridge, and stay on the dock. If you try to fight the grunt, you will get a "Ah man, I don't like this" which makes sense.

When you are on the dock, jump diagonally so you are below the big lava pools. Then stand under the tree and make your next jump. You should now be in the area with all the trees. Send your grunt to go stand under the bottom-right tree. Then send your grunt to stand under the tree with a down arrow by it. This operates two orange switches, and makes a secret possible later on.

Get yourself back (the way you came) and put him where the bootz grunt is. Then send the springz grunt to go get the gauntletz. Have him break the first rock, then stand there and cross the spikes (go diagonally up-right, then up-left) and break another rock. This one has a coin in it. Do the same with the other two. (Try not to walk on many spikes)

Now send both your gruntz to the checkpoint!


Once your gauntletz has broken the rock, HURRY! Go down to the four left-pointing arrows. Don't break ANY of the rocks in this part, they will blow up on their own. Just go over to the yellow toggle switch, and get the other grunt over the arrow to the spikes, and then to the right.

Once all the rocks are blown up (except the 3 at the bottom) go and move across the rolling rocks area. Send the gauntletz grunt to the green hold switch, and send the gravity bootz grunt on past the green pyramids to the green toggle switch.

Now, if you did what you were supposed to before the checkpoint, the orange pyramid will be down, and there will be no rolling ball going next to it. With your gauntletz grunt use the down arrow to stand on the unraised orange pyramid and collect the coin.
Now send the gauntletz grunt over to the three rocks at the bottom right (the ones that didn't get blown up).
Have your bootz grunt go through the teleporter, then follow the arrows right above you until you get to the secret switch.


The arrows will turn around. Go to the left first, and go quickly on this part, cutting corners when possible. You will arrive on the dock. Send him to the right and 3 of the tile (the gray pyramids) will disappear and you will be able to place him so he is at the top-right corner of the teleporter. Now quickly move the gauntletz grunt over the arrow to break the three rocks and get the coins and the shovel.

Now send your shovels grunt to where your bootz grunt is. Then have the shovels grunt dig the hole under the teleporter and then have the boots grunt go into the teleporter. Then quickly scroll back and have the shovels pick up the coin, and step back. Go move your bootz grunt off the bridge and on the plain land, and send your shovels grunt through. This will put the other two gruntz where they need to be. Save now!


Move each grunt on the plain land diagonally to each purple switch, taking care not to touch any other switch yet. Then move the remaining grunt on the right onto the blue hold switch, and finally move the remaining grunt on the left to hit the yellow hold switch. After the ball hits the green toggle switch, (and goes down the hole) move the grunt on the left (on the yellow hold switch) onto the blue hold switch. Then move the grunt on the right ( on the blue hold switch) onto the yellow hold switch. After the ball goes down the hole after triggering the green toggle switch, move below that island, and move the grunt on the island by the fort island down by the toggle bridge, and over it to the fort! Good job on this level! Perfect score!