Tropical Torment ( Custom level by Gamer )
Story by Gamer

Preview without links and pictures

1. - Bring your top grunt to one square from the top of the wall (it doesn't matter which grunt, the first one is just closer).Keep moving your grunt right one square until the bomb grunt starts charging. Get the megaphone and press the 'once only' switch. DON'T GIVE THE GAUNTLETZ TO ANY GRUNT!. (They will be used later on in the level.)

2. - Move one grunt to the top of the three empty spaces (by the arrows) and move the other grunt to the bottom of the three empty spaces. Now:
Move top grunt up
move bottom grunt right
move top grunt right
move bottom grunt down (into the arrow)
move bottom grunt up
move the bottom grunt to the top of the 3 empties
move bottom grunt right
move bottom grunt diagonally down/right
move bottom grunt down (it doesn't matter, but first way is quickest)
move bottom grunt out of the way (top grunt is coming)
move top grunt down

3. - Move one grunt down and pick-up the spongegun, then move him down and away.
Now move the other grunt down and out.

4. - Using the spongegun grunt, shoot each grunt so the bridges pop up. (You will need him to end on the hold switch) If you need to know the shooting order it is:
R R D D L R R L for the top grunt, and R R U U L R R L for the bottom grunt,
Where U = Up, D = Down, R = Right, L = Left

5. - Move the gruntz on the appropriate spots on the checkpoints; put the bare- handed grunt onto the tile on the bridge past the spongegun checkpoint, then put the spongegun grunt on his checkpoint.


1. - Send your bare-handed grunt up to get the boxing gloves. Pass through the balls. I prefer going to the left side and walking through that way. Just enter when the bottom ball is going to the right and isn't in your way.

2. - You can punch the swordz grunt in, but it isn't necessary.

3. - Send your boxing gloves grunt over to the toobz grunt. Box him into the hole.
Then box the enemy grunt to the right of the two-way arrow into the hole. Box the other enemy grunt (above the intersection) to the yellow hold switch. Then stay where you are and box him down again. He should be below the switch and adjacent to a fern.

4. Bring your sponge gun grunt over (do not pick up the goober straw yet) and put him below the hole. He should be above a right arrow. Send a sponge to the enemy grunt (you should be 2 squares north-west of the enemy grunt at this point) and keep sponging until he is goo.

5. - Put the new grunt down on the grunt creation pad (in the lava pool area) and give him the toy and springz.

6. - Bring down the boxing glove and straw gruntz and put them on their pressure plates.


1. - Bring one grunt from the pressure plates to press the blue bridge switch. Have your springz grunt press the blue bridge switch also.

2. - Send your springz grunt up three bridges. Your grunt should have a crumble bridge on the right of him. Jump to where the bananas are then walk left. Enter the warp to get the three coins. Once you have the three coins, enter the return warp.

3. - Send your springz grunt to the right, then back to the toggle bridge - to the left of the crumble bridge.

4. - Have him jump across the toggle bridges, but not on the crumble bridges, and have him join the other two gruntz.

5. - Have your springz grunt jump across the holez. This will catch the attention of the shovelz grunt. Get the shovelz grunt onto the unraised green pyramid and give him the jack-in-the-box. Then send the springz grunt onto the green hold switch and kill the shovelz grunt! (How inhumane!)

6. - Bring your other two gruntz down through that area and onto the two purple multi-grunt switchez.

7. - Bring your springz grunt up to the springz/rock area. Send your springz grunt diagonally up/right from the bottom dock (or bridge transition tile), or up to the top dock, then right. After this, bring your springz grunt left, then upwards, then jump up and onto the green hold switch.

8. - Bring your other two gruntz down. Then bring your spring grunt back to where the other two gruntz are.

9. - You should now have all three gruntz next to those red/green pyramids. When the green pyramids come down, start your #1 grunt (it doesn't matter which one) into the first empty spot (the one at the lower bottom-right). Go clockwise, until you get to the last set of red pyramids. There is a partially hidden blue toggle switch there. Send your #1
grunt over there. Step on the blue toggle switch and go to the right through the trees.

10. - Do the same thing with #2 grunt (again, it doesn't matter which one). Don't forget to hit the blue toggle switch twice or the bridge will be down. (step on switch, step back on red pyramid ,when down, and then step forward and through the trees) Send your last grunt through the pyramids and into the warp. (Go diagonally down to warp - don't step on blue toggle switch) Like I said before, all the gruntz will either be left behind, or given new tools, so which grunt you choose doesn't matter.

11. - Now would be a good time to save.


1. - Save the two gruntz by the giant volcano for later. We will focus on the grunt by the hard hat first. (The grunt that went through the warp)

2. - First (of course) get the hard hat. Fire two shots at each grunt. They will die, and then you should use the hard hat grunt to get the goober straw and suck up their goo.
Put the new grunt on the grunt oven near the area where you are working, over by the timer pyramids.

3. - Have your straw grunt step on the timer switch. Wait a little for the pyramid leading your newly baked grunt to go into the array of pyramids, then lead him through until
you get to the teleporter, and have him teleported to the area just to the right. (It is possible to send your goober straw grunt into the warp, but you will need that grunt later.) Send the goober straw grunt back to the area he teleported into (the area where he got the hard hat.)

4. Send your newly baked grunt to the left 2, then up two, then left one. After the pyramid two space to the right goes up, send your grunt down one space, then right twice and up twice. Then move the grunt to the left to go to the teleporter.

5. - You should put your grunt onto the pressure plate.


This part is a secret. It is rather long, so you can skip this part if you want to.

1. - Bring the extra gauntletz from the grunt machine, on the resource tab (you DID save them, didn't you?), and put them on the first grunt (you sent through the red and green pyramids). Have him walk through the arrows and bust open the giant volcano. Send him over to get the shovel. Put him at the bottom/right of this area. (He should be behind an up arrow and diagonally down/right of where the shovel used to be).

2. - Send the other grunt down, and have him step on the yellow hold switch. Send the shovels grunt (who used to be the first grunt) up so he is now to the left of a hole.

3. - Have the shovel grunt fill in the hole. Then, move him up and to the right to where the three holes are. (Don't look in unfilled holes for anything.) After these holes are filled in, go past the balls up to the area where the goo puddles used to be, in the top area. The only area in concern is the right half.

4. - Have the grunt use the shovel on the filled hole. There will be some gauntletz here. Leave them for now.

5. - Right before the stairway there will be two holes. Fill these two up.

6. - Go back and get those gauntletz. There will be two rocks to break below the two holes you just filled up. They will be hidden under the tree tops, so check the cursor for the gauntletz to see where they are.

7. - When you break them, there will be a blue toggle switch on the left, which will toggle another bridge, and a yellow hold switch on the right. This will get rid of the ball
(over by the spikes and green toggle switches).

8. - If the pyramids around the rock in the upper left corner are up, step on one of the green toggle switches a few tiles below the rock to toggle them down. Then break the rock and stand on the third and final toggle bridge switch.

9. - If you aren't exhausted yet, move your grunt through to the area where you "disposed" of the enemy gruntz, and go to where the checkpoint pyramids and pressure pads are. You will find one of the checkpoint pyramids has been lowered.

10. - Send your gauntletz grunt back through the lava and have him step on the secret switch. Arrows will direct you to the hard hat/goober straw grunt area. Send the hard hat/goober straw grunt through the stairway-bridges that come up and get the warp letter. Send him back if you desire, but he won't be needed for anything else.

11. - Now would be a good time to save.


You are almost there!

1. - Go to your bare-handed grunt. When the bottom row of green pyramids is down, go left and up to safe ground; wait for top row of green pyramids to go down and head for the dock.

2. - Send your grunt up by the area with the two rolling balls. There are many ways to pass this area, but I will explain what I think is the easiest method:
When the ball on the left goes back up, step on the left up arrow. Follow the ball until it hits the down arrow, step right, then left, then send your grunt diagonally up/right.

3. - Get the warpstone, and go to the fort! Yay! You win! You even got a perfect score!