Broken Arrowz ( Custom level by GooRoo )
Story by GooRoo

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Acknowledgementz: All about the people who contributed to this Custom Level, either by examples, or actively; the people (giantz) upon whose shoulderz I stood while making this level.

Broken: Not entirely whole.
Arrowz: Tilez which require you to walk in a certain direction (#201 through #209)

You begin the game with a Gauntletz Grunt and a Shovel Grunt. Coinz and Letterz will be found under Rockz, and in Holez. Holez with dirt in them frequently turn into ordinary Tilez when you dig them up. If not, you may find some sort of “goodie” in it. If it lookz like a Hole with dirt dumped into it … dig it up again! There may be something worth your time in it.

Puzzle Concept:
You will need to find the Warpstone, collecting Coinz along the way. Your Gruntz will need the correct Tool for each area of the puzzle, to help you find other Toolz, Coinz, Letterz and (of course) the Warpstone.

Where to start:

• Gauntletz (1) Grunt: Better get a move on! That Olive is Rolling your way! Step on an Arrow leading to the East, and when you stop, break the Sugar Cube. Quickly step on the next Arrow leading East and when you stop, break the nearest Sugar Cube. Step to the space you just cleared. Ah! Safe, for the moment. Break the Sugar Cube in the center of the row of three South of you, and step due North onto the Arrow. When the smoke clearz, go get the Coin uncovered when the Sugar Cubez were destroyed. There is nothing else to break in this puzzle, so find a way to get the Springz you see to the West. (They appeared when you broke the very first Sugar Cube.) Hop up onto the Eastward pointing Arrow, and follow the Olive until you reach the entrance to the Spikez/Holez/Arrowz maze. Get off the Switch, and wait in the safe space.

• Shovel (2) Grunt: Step onto the Arrow pointing North that you see directly Northwest of you, when the Green Pyramidz go down. You have a Tool you can use to dig up Holez, and fill them in. Use it to do what it does best. Get the Coin, and follow the path the Rolling Olive took, until you are able to step off and dig up some more Holez. Get the Coin, and get back on the path around the edge of the puzzle. When you reach the Blue Toggle Switch (BTS), stop. Your stepping on the BTS probably raised some Stepping Stonez in the Pool to the West, so that you can reach the Warpstone, if the Green Pyramid (GP) has been lowered. It doesn’t matter if the Bridge is raised or not, since you will not be picking up the Warpstone. If the GP is lowered step onto the Arrow to the Southwest, which will take you to the landing area. If the GP is raised, continue to the Green Toggle Switch (GTS). After lowering the GP, step onto the Arrow to the Northwest, which will take you to the landing area. Take the Crumbling Bridge to the object on the solid Stepping Stone, and get what you find there. Return to the same landing area via the rest of the Crumbling Bridge.

Find your way back to the path of the Rolling Olive, and follow that path around to the Central far Western edge of the puzzle, where you see Arrowz pointing East to the landing area of the Griddle. Get to the landing area, and take the Crumbling Bridge to the Island and get the object you find there. As soon as the Toggle Stepping Stonez appear, use them to get to the other Island and get the object you find there. Follow the Crumbling Bridge to the Eastern landing area. Step onto the Arrow pointing South to the Southeast of where you are standing. Shovel is in for a rather long ride, and has no control where he is going … no matter, it will end in a safe space at the Eastern edge of the puzzle. While he is strolling along, grumbling about having a Shovel, and it should be used for digging, not for walking, turn your attention to your other Grunt.

• Springz (1) Grunt: Pick your path carefully, and make your way to the Blue Warp (BW) near the Western edge of the puzzle, picking up any objectz you find along the way. The BW will take you back to the Northeastern edge of the puzzle, on a safe space. Now you can make your way to the Warpstone. If you find that the Rolling Olive has lowered the Toggle Bridge and/or raised the GP, you can access both the BTS and the GTS from where you are and control access to the Warpstone yourself. Pay attention to where the Rolling Olive is, however, as it could lower the Bridge on you, or raise the GP after you enter the Pool area. If it lowerz the Bridge, you are stuck for a while, until it comez all the way around again.

• Warpstone (1) Grunt: If the Bridge is up, but the GP is also up, make your way to the Western landing area. Step onto the Arrow to the Northwest of the landing area, and it will take you around the Northern edge of the sink, back to the Rolling Olive path on the Eastern edge. Whichever way you have to go to get there, the space you want is the one immediately West of the GTS. Step onto the Arrow to the Southwest, and enjoy the ride (if you can). But pay attention, because the end of the ride is on a bed of nailz, so to speak! Wait on a safe space for Shovel to finish clearing the Griddle. From where you are, you can take the Warpstone to the King, but you may not have found all the goodiez you need to get a “PERFECT!” score.

• Shovel (2) Grunt: Follow the path of the Rolling Olive to the central Western edge of the puzzle. Remember where you got off to get the objectz on the Griddle? You need to go one more stop, to get the Coin. Timing is important here; there is a good time to get the Coin, a bad time to get the Coin, and a so-so time to get the Coin. You see the Rolling Olive going East and West between two Arrowz, one of them a two-way Arrow, and rolling across a Yellow Toggle Switch (YTS)? This is a bad time to get the Coin! Did the two-way Arrow just change, trapping the Rolling Olive onto two Arrowz pointing at one another? This is a good time to get the Coin. Is the Rolling Olive already trapped between two Arrowz, and you don’t know how long it has been trapped? This is a so-so time to get the Coin; good if the time has been short (just started) and bad if it has been trapped for a while.

• Warpstone (1) Grunt: Move to the landing area on the Eastern edge of the Griddle, and wait until you are sure that Shovel has done everything he is able to do. Also wait until the Red Pyramidz are lowered for a fairly long period of time. If they are raising and lowering quickly, you will not be able to reach the King’z Fortress safely.

Making the King happy: Why, give the Warpstone to the King, of course!


Red Warp #1: While Springz is on his way to the Blue Warp, he stepz on a Secret Trigger Switch which openz up a Red Warp. That RW will take him to an area with five Coinz surrounded by Spikez. All objectz can be acquired safely without losing the Springz.

Red Warp #2: The Coin at the far Western edge of the puzzle is located on a Secret Trigger Switch. The Grunt who getz the Coin must be carrying a Shovel, or all is lost! The Shovel Grunt will be teleported into the area where the Rolling Olive is sometimez rolling over a Yellow Toggle Switch, and sometimez is trapped between two Arrowz on two spacez. Wait until the Rolling Olive has just become trapped, before activating the Red Warp. Dig up the first Hole you find, and you will get a Coin. Your useful life has just come to an end, as there is no way back out of this area! If the Warpstone Grunt is able to give it to the King in time, you survive, otherwise you don’t. If you try to dig up the other Hole, you step on the YTS and release the Rolling Olive, and it squashez you. Since you have no way out, eventually the other Rolling Olive will activate the other YTS that controlz the two-way Arrowz currently trapping the Rolling Olive in the small space you find yourself in … and you get squashed! Your only hope is for your buddy to get his burden to the King. Then you will be Warped to safety.

• Paul: “A World of Sweetz”; Covered Powerupz (multiple layerz). This Gruntz Page!!!
• Guenter, Snower, etc, etc: Custom Levelz with Logicz and Graphicz that all worked; timing of StaticHazardz; what to do (and in some casez, even what not to do). Every Gruntz level I have ever played had thingz I liked, and thingz I hated (to solve, anyway ;^) … like Wingz pushing Gruntz to specific placez.
• Mad lady: Distribution via her Address Book.
• Everyone who has contributed Custom Levelz: Adding to my personal enjoyment of Gruntz; proving (to me) that the Gruntz Editor can be used, even without the existence of a “cook book” approach to the various featurez of the editor.
• Monolith: Making this great game engine available commercially; releasing the Gruntz Editor to the public.
• Whoever: Actually designed and implemented a great (!!!) puzzle game.
• My Wife (Mary Lou): Who actually bought the game in the first place (and lets me play it ;^)