Full House of Fun ( Custom level by GooRoo )
Story by GooRoo

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Where to start: Your Gruntz begin in four different areaz of the map. What workz?

You begin the game with five Gruntz; Bootz, Gauntletz, GooberStraw, Shovel and Wingz. You will need at least nine Gruntz to complete your mission. The author’s handle is “GooRoo”; the answer to where the other eight Gruntz come from is “use the Goo, Luke” (or whatever your name is ;^). You will use Megaphonez to call for the Toolz and Toyz with which to equip the Gruntz you create; otherz will be found under Dice, and in Holez. Holez with dirt in them frequently turn into ordinary Tilez when you dig them up. If not, you find some sort of “goodie” in it. Usually, when you fill in an empty Hole, it will turn into an ordinary Tile. If it lookz like a Hole with dirt dumped into it … dig it up again! There may be something worth your time in it.

Puzzle Concept:

You will need to put Gruntz on eight Purple Switchez, located in four different roomz surrounding the King’s Fortress. Access to each of these roomz is blocked by Black Pyramidz. Your task is to find the Black One-Time Switchez that control these Pyramidz, and step on them. The solution of this puzzle is semi-linear. That is, there is no clear-cut approach to its solution. It is not imperative that B follows A, nor is Z necessarily the end of the game. So the walkthrough of this Custom Gruntz Level is by area, and need not be taken in any particular sequence. Except (as always in a Gruntz puzzle), there may well be certain requirements in order to enter or leave a puzzle segment; so it is up to you (the solver) to determine whether you have (or may acquire within the area) what you need to complete an area.

Where to start:

Shovel Grunt: What can you find lying around loose? Anything? If not, is there something you can dig up? There is?!? Well, what are you waiting for? Is there a Black One-Time Switch anywhere? Step on it! Are you now stuck? Hey, Rube! (Call on your buddiez for help.)
Gauntletz Grunt: What can you find lying around loose? Pick it up! Is there anything you can break? Break it! Do you need anything you find under what you broke? If so, take it! If not, leave it alone … another Grunt may need it later. Is there a Black One-Time Switch anywhere? Step on it! Are there any other Switchez around? (Save, if you are a pessimist.) Step on the Switch. What did it do? Did it help you to be able to do anything else? Did it help another Grunt to be able to do something? Are you now stuck? Hey, Rube! (Call on your buddiez for help.)
Wingz Grunt: What can you find lying around loose? Pick it up! But don’t use those Wingz until you know where you want to go. Wingz are the only non-renewable Toolz you can have in Gruntz (the game). Use them sparingly. If it seemz you have done everything you can by walking, where would be a good place to fly to? If you have run out of destinationz for your aviator, perhaps you need a new Tool. Is there one around somewhere that you can reach? It would probably be a good idea to trade in those Wingz. Who knowz how may milez are left in them? Now, what can you do with your new Tool? Is there anything obvious nearby?
GooberStraw and Bootz: This pair will need to work as a team for a while. Any Grunt other than Warpstone, Springz or a Grunt with a BabyWalker can easily make it through the Silver Pyramidz maze alone. But those Goo Puddlez are there for a reason! Is there a Black One-Time Switch anywhere? Step on it! Obviously, you need to send GooberStraw into the maze. It is also obvious that while GooberStraw is busily sucking up Goo, he won’t have time to make it to the next safe place. That’s where the teamwork comez in. Bootz standz near the Timer Switch, and about every 30 secondz or so, re-activatez the Timer, so that GooberStraw can move to the next station. After GooberStraw has sucked up all the Goo in the maze, he might just as well keep going through it to the end. Is there a Black One-Time Switch anywhere? Step on it! (But you should probably move Bootz away from all those Black Pyramidz. They just might come up on him. Squashing him; or trapping him, so he has to go through the maze. And aren’t there a lot of Spikez around?) As for GooberStraw, it will take longer for him to go back to where he started than it will to just finish in the direction he is going. And for another thing, he is not properly equipped to go through the Spikez field. “Ouch, these hurt! Oweee!”
Go back to placez you were stuck: Is anyone now able to move, by walking past Black Pyramidz that are now down? Is there a Teleporter around anywhere? (It might be a good idea to save your game now.) Send a Grunt through a Teleporter. Is this Grunt properly equipped to do anything in this area? If there is, fine … let him do his thing. If not … oops!, wrong Grunt. Restore, and use what you now know is the correct Grunt for that Teleporter.
Is there any place you can reach, with any Grunt?: There may be some areaz which have had barrierz removed. Look around. What can you reach? Is a special Tool required to complete the task waiting in the gameroom you can now reach? Does the gameroom have any conditionz that may require teamwork? Perhapz, you see that, yes a Grunt can get in, but then he won’t be able to get out? Hmmm?!? Maybe you shouldn’t have sent your buddy through that Teleporter after all?!? You did save recently, didn’t you? (I did try to warn you.)

Other Roomz:

Arrowz maze: Any Grunt will be able to make it through this maze, no matter what his walking/jumping speed may be. It is all a matter of timing (and saving). There are some special pointz of interest in this maze, though … some Yellow Toggle Switchez. Is there a way you can get through the maze without stepping on them? If so, I suggest you save your game prior to stepping on one, and then decide whether you want to step on it, or not. As, step on it and see what it does. Will it make it easier to solve some other section of the puzzle, or more difficult? Can a Grunt do whatever the Switch setz in motion to do automatically? If you cannot avoid stepping on the Switch, do you want whatever is in the maze badly enough to suffer any possible consequencez? Decisionz, Decisionz!


Duh! Whomp on the solitary Defender any way you can! Gang up on him, or take him on single-toobedly … just run for the Zap Cola when your Health dips below your personal comfort zone.

Trapdoorz in Space:

“Use the Crumbling Bridgez, Luke!” It requirez a minor bit of timing to solve this, as there is a small delay between one trapdoor closing, and the next one closing to give you a place to go. Wait until the trapdoor you just left is beginning to re-open, then step onto the Crumbling Bridge Tile, until you have a new place to step. Not tough at all. Unless those Orange Pyramidz are up, where you want to exit the area.

Card Table Room: It appearz you need either a Shovel, or Springz to get that Coin. If you had a Shovel, you might try filling in those Holez, and then dig them up again to see if you are wielding a “Magic Shovel”. In order to continue South, someone (or something) has to activate a Red Switch somewhere. Is there a friendly Grunt around, when you need one? Or maybe that 8 Ball should be released somehow?

Room under construction #1: You can walk, can’t you? Or do you have Orange Pyramidz blocking your path? If so, either have someone find (and activate) the proper Switch for you, or wait until an 8-Ball does the job.

Room under construction #2: See the instructionz for #1.

Lonely Black One-Time Switch: Is there a Black One-Time Switch anywhere? Step on it! What can you find lying around loose? Pick it up!

Private Card Room: What can you find lying around loose? Pick it up! Is there a Black One-Time Switch anywhere? Step on it! Are there Black Pyramidz in the way? Hey, Rube! (Call on your buddiez for help.)

Labyrinth: This is pretty much “point and click”. Point with your mouse device where you want your Grunt to go, and click the selection button. Tough! The only problem here is deciding where you want to go first. Of course, it is always possible for something to “go wrong, go wrong”. Have you saved recently?

Northern Purple Switchez Room: Here we finally have a room which requirez a special Tool to complete the task at hand! You need either Gauntletz and a Spy, or a TimeBombz Grunt to gain access to the Switchez. Another toughie (yah, right!). What can you find lying around loose? Pick it up!

Western Purple Switchez Room: Yep! Gauntletz (or TimeBombz) Grunt required here. Is there a Black One-Time Switch anywhere? Step on it! Start breaking stuff. When the dust settlez, what can you find lying around loose? Do you need it? Does some other Grunt want a Tool to use? (Always give a Tool or a Toy to a Grunt who doesn’t have one, before you give it a Grunt carrying something.)

Southern Purple Switchez Room: Here is a room which obviously needz a Shovel Grunt, as well as either Gauntletz or TimeBombz. Start breaking stuff, and when the dust settlez, start throwing dirt into those Holez. Alwayz keep in mind that you may be carrying a “Magic Shovel”.

Western Purple Switchez Room: Yep! Shovel Grunt required here! And this is where the Warpstone Grunt needz to be. What! No Warpstone? “Momma always told me I’d be diggin’ ditches.” Oh! One more thing … watch where you’re standing while you’re filling in those Holez. Freshly baked Gruntz make no distinction between Friend and Foe, when it’s time to hit the Bullzeye.

Spikez Room: There is no question about what is required here, to get those Coinz: Bootz!

Spikez and Holez and Dice. Oh my!: “Ouch! These are sharp! Oweee!” Gruntz can only carry one Tool at a time, so you’ll just have to tough it out. At best, you have to walk across a few Spikez to get to an objective; at worst, you’ll have to stand on Spikez while removing an objective. Choose your pathz wisely. Fill in Holez; break stuff. When the dust settlez, what can you find lying around loose? Pick it up! Can you now reach something you couldn’t before? Step on it!

(And please don’t forget that you are carrying a “Magic Shovel”.)

Making the King happy: Put a Grunt on each of the eight Purple Switchez, and the Purple Pyramidz will be lowered. Give the Warpstone to the last Grunt, and send him to the Checkpoint, and through the Blue Warp. Before you give the Warpstone to the King, collect your JackPot!


Red Warp #1: Where the Shovel Grunt startz out, there are some DollarSign Treez on the South wall. Partially obscured by them, you will find four Coinz. Wave the Shovel around the area, and you find a couple of diggable Tilez. Dig them up. Hey! That looks like another Coin! Pick it up! “Whoa! I don’t remember seeing that before!” You will be warped to a location that requirez a bit of Shovel work, and be rewarded with a Coin, and the letter “W”.
Red Warp #2: There is a lonely Island South of where Wingz startz out; it has a Coin on it. Fly to that Coin from the correct direction, and a Red Warp will appear within view. That will get you a Coin, and the letter “A”.


South of Gauntletz starting point: Takez you to the Western Purple Switchez Room.
Shovel starting point: Takez you to the Southern Purple Switchez Room.
Warpstone Checkpoint: Why, to the King’s Fortress, naturally!


Paul: “A World of Sweetz”; Covered Powerupz (multiple layerz). This Gruntz Page!!!
Guenter, Snower, etc, etc: Custom Levelz with Logicz and Graphicz that all worked; timing of StaticHazardz; what to do (and in some casez, even what not to do). Every Gruntz level I have ever played had thingz I liked, and thingz I hated (to solve, anyway ;^) … like Wingz pushing Gruntz to specific placez).
Mad lady: Distribution via her Address Book.
Everyone who has contributed Custom Levelz: Adding to my personal enjoyment of Gruntz; proving (to me) that the Gruntz Editor can be used, even without the existence of a “cook book” approach to the various featurez of the editor.
Monolith: Making this great game engine available commercially; releasing the Gruntz Editor to the public.
Whoever: Actually designed and implemented a great (!!!) puzzle game.