Pitch 'n Putt ( Custom level by GooRoo )
Story by GooRoo

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About: Pitch 'n Putt … the ideaz behind the title of this Custom Gruntz Level.

Gruntz: What you have to work with; what you may acquire.

Puzzle Concept: How the author thinks about the solution, suggesting what you should do.

Where to start: Your Grunt beginz in this area of the map (first "Hole"). What workz?
The first Hole:
The bouncing Ballz maze:
2nd Hole:
The Spikez field:
The King'z Fortress:
Holez 3 through 7:
The Giant Rock:
Go back to placez you were stuck:
Holez 8through 17:

Making the King happy:

Secretz: Where do you find them?

Teleporterz: Where do they go?

Acknowledgementz: All about the people who contributed to this Custom Level, either by examples, or actively; the people (giantz) upon whose shoulderz I stood while making this level.

Pitch 'n Putt: What a small (short) golf course is frequently called. You (the solver) are the caretaker of this small golf course, and are given the task of finding the Warpstone hidden somewhere. Along the way you will be able to acquire Toolz to help you in your task; Gauntletz, to break thingz; Shovelz, to dig thingz up; a Goober Straw; and a Sponge Gun … now what is that for??? Those Shovelz have been enchanted by the King'z Sorcerer … they are magic!!! You not only can find things of value by digging them up, but when you fill in a Hole, you may put something valuable into it. If you dump dirt into a Hole (fill it up), and it lookz like a Hole with dirt dumped into it … dig it up again! As I said, Shovelz are magic, and when you fill in a Hole properly, it no longer lookz like a Hole at all … it lookz like a place that has been repaired. Alwayz keep in mind that the King'z (quick)sandtrapz may be hazardous to your health, as well! Watch where you step!!!

You begin the game with one bare-handed Grunt. You will need two Gruntz to fully complete your mission. The author's handle is "GooRoo"; the answer to where the other Grunt will come from is "use the Goo, Luke" (or whatever your name is ;^). You will use Megaphonez to call for the Toolz with which to equip your Grunt; otherz will be found under Roclz, and in Holez

Puzzle Concept:
You will need to repair the greenz as you search for Itemz to help you in finding the Warpstone, in order to return it to the King. You see, the King is planning a new Tournament, and he wantz you to change the pin placementz for the event. Coinz are nice to have, right? You never know when they might help, as to bribe an opponent into letting you by their outpost ;^). There are also some letterz; "W", "A", "R", and "P" which you may find along the way. So look everywhere for placez such thingz may be hiding.

Where to start:

  • " The first Hole: What can you find lying around loose? Anything? Pick it up (and use it)! If not, is there something you can dig up? There is?!? Well, what are you waiting for? Oh! No Shovel has been provided to you, huh? It lookz like that is one of the first taskz facing you … getting the proper equipment. Now, where can you go, in your search for supplies? Blocked to the North by Black Pyramidz to the Northwest, and Purple Pyramidz to the Northeast … not very likely. To the West is a single Black Pyramid, blocking movement in that direction. To the South is a deadly-looking field of bouncing Golf Ballz; dangerous, but it seemz the only way to go. But this is a rather small area, and it may be worth taking some time to investigate more thoroughly.

  • " The bouncing Ballz maze: Go South for three pacez, then Southeast, then Northeast, then Southeast again; now due South, then Southwest, and South; then Southeast and South; finally Southeast and South to be free of the maze. "Whew! Glad I signed up for that Life Insurance plan!"

  • " 2nd Hole: Well! There is a Black One-Time Switch … step on it! What did that do for you? Not much help, huh? Sure don't want to try to go back through those deadly Golf Ballz! What's in your Tool Kit now? Is there anything around you can use that Tool on? Get to it!

  • " The Spikez field: (And aren't there a lot of Spikez around?) What can you see just "lying around"? A letter, huh? Well, go get it! You say your Grunt is not properly equipped to go through the Spikez field? Maybe you will find some Bootz somewhere (but don't count on it). Time to save, and see if this is the little Grunt that could. "Ouch, these hurt! Oweee!" But you get to the letter, with a bit of health left. Sure could use some Zap Cola!

  • " The King'z Fortress: (Also known as the 18th Hole.) While the King won't let you into his Fortress without the Warpstone, he letz you do repairz around it. Do you have the right Toolz to do any work around here right now? If not, save this area for later.

  • " Holez 3, 4 and 5: You don't seem to have the proper equipment (yet) to do much here, so press on to 6th Hole … come back later, if you can, with the proper Toolz.

  • " 6th Hole: Finally! Something you can do. Something to break, so break thingz! Pick up that Megaphone, and use it! Remember, a Grunt can only carry one Tool at a time, so be careful that you don't grab a new Tool before you have done everything possible with the one you have. So look around, and see if there is anything else you can use those Gauntletz on (that you can reach) before you give them up.

  • " 7th Hole: There is a Green Toggle Switch near the 7th tee … step on it! What did it do? Does it allow you to go anywhere you couldn't reach before? If so, is there anything else you can do here, before you do thingz in the new area? Remember to do everything you can with the Tool(z) you have, before you exchange them for a new one. Also, remember that a Blue Teleporter may only be used once, so save your game before you step into one. It just might be a good idea to investigate that Giant Rock, now that you can reach it.

  • " The Giant Rock: Breaking the Giant Rock revealz a Shovel, and your practice area. You have dug up this area so many times, you know there is nothing here of interest. Unless you go through that Blue Teleporter, you see that there is nothing left (that you can reach!) that you can break. But now there are additional directionz you can go. Time to pick up the Shovel, and start digging. Fill in all the Holez you can, and remember you have a "Magic Shovel". Keep digging and filling until you no longer see any obvious Holez on the greenz. Be careful! Not everything you find is something you want … some thingz are hazardous to your health! To the East is the practice putting green, and your test patch where you try out new grasses. Might as well clear the way to those areaz, 'cause you never know what you may find there. The thief who stole the Warpstone may have hidden the loot somewhere in those areaz.

  • " Go back to placez you were stuck: Now that you have a Shovel, go back to the Holez you can reach, and repair the greenz. Only after you have done all the caretaker work possible, do you go back to that Blue Teleporter, and step through it.

  • " 8th Hole: This short Hole is guarded by an unfriendly Grunt, for some reason. "Hah! That didn't hurt!" Well, maybe not a whole lot at once, but those Spongez have a cumulative negative effect on your health. Do your best to avoid being hit by his missilez ;^). Pick up any Coinz you may find, at any time, but leave any Toolz where you find them, until you are sure you need them. If you have a choice, pick up a Tool lying on the ground, before you take a fresh one out of the Tool Chest.

  • " Holez 9 through 12: Repair the greenz, so they are ready for you to decide where you want to place the flagz for the next tournament the King has planned.

  • " 13th Hole: Just before the 13th tee, there is a Black One-Time Switch … step on it! Aha! Now you can get to the 13th green. Time for more repair work! Hmmm?!? Seemz you need some Gauntletz, in order to proceed to the 14th Hole. Now where did you see some Gauntletz lying around? Uh-huh, you have to go back and get them.

  • " 14th Hole: You can go that way after you have used the Gauntletz to clear the path, but is there anything else you can do first? Remember that you were blocked on the practice putting green by some Rockz? Why don't you go and break them, before you pick up the Shovel and get to the repairz on 14? Oh, and since there are also some Holez to repair on the practice green, you may as well get the Shovel and take care of that before you repair 14 and go through the Teleporter to 15.

  • " 15th Hole: Another unfriendly Grunt here, so protect your health by avoiding his missilez, while you are repairing the green. You notice a Goober Straw lying on the green near the unfriendly, and make note of it, but do not pick it up … yet.

  • " 16th Hole: The King didn't like your pin placement the last time you changed thingz, so you have two old Holez to repair here. Be careful on this dogleg to the right, as that (quick)sandtrap is a fairly big one. No shortcutz, here!!!

  • " 17th Hole: The double dogleg right, with the water hazard. "Boy, I wish I knew how to swim!" But you don't, so you take the long way around to repair the green. Wait a minute! Someone lowered the Stepping Stonez across the (quick)sandpit! There is no way back, so I'll have to get help to raise the Bridge again. Back to 15, for that Goober Straw. Suck up all the Goo you can find, and use it to bake your assistant, near the Clubhouse.

  • " (Quick)sandpit: It is all in the timing … wait the right period of time on the Crumbling Stonez, until the temporary Stonez come up; stand on the Stonez raised by your assistant (who is standing on the Blue Hold Switch) until you have the timing of the next segment firmly in mind. Repeat until safely across. (Saving in this area is recommended.)

  • " Hole 18: You need a Shovel, to get past those Rolling GolfBallz. Did you do the repairz to the 18th green while you had the chance? If so, all you need to do now is pick up the Warpstone, and present it to the King (who, I'm sure, will be eternally … for a minute or so, grateful).

Making the King happy: Pick up the Warpstone , and give the Warpstone to the King,. He will probably reward you by sending you back out to dig the Holez for the Tournament.


  • " Red Warp #1: Where the Shovel Grunt startz out, there is a Black Pyramid to the far West of the first Hole. Get as close to it as you can. "Whoa! I don't remember seeing that before!" Go through the Red Warp, and you will be warped to a location where you will be rewarded with the letter "W".

  • " Red Warp #2: In the area where new grasses are tested (far Northeast corner), there are a number of Rockz to break. One of them is partially obscured by a Danger sign. Underneath that Rock is the trigger for the Red Warp … step on it, and a Red Warp will appear within view. That will take you to the area East to Southeast of the King'z Fortress. You will need to have a Shovel available in your Tool Chest, or you are stuck! If you can get a Shovel from your resourcez, you will use it to get Coinz, and Gauntletz; Coinz and Shovel; etc.; and (with help) the letter "R".

  • " Red Warp #3: The trigger is near the Yellow Toggle Switch that you dig up just below the King'z Fortress. The Red Warp will take you to the small pond to the East, where you will get a Coin, and the letter "P".

" 7th Hole: Takez you to the 8th Hole.
" 14th Hole: Takez you to the 15th Hole.

" Paul: "A World of Sweetz"; Covered Powerupz (multiple layerz). This Gruntz Page!!!
" Guenter, Snower, etc, etc: Custom Levelz with Logicz and Graphicz that all worked; timing of StaticHazardz; what to do (and in some casez, even what not to do). Every Gruntz level I have ever played had thingz I liked, and thingz I hated (to solve, anyway ;^) … like Wingz pushing Gruntz to specific placez).
" Mad lady: Distribution via her Address Book.
" Everyone who has contributed Custom Levelz: Adding to my personal enjoyment of Gruntz; proving (to me) that the Gruntz Editor can be used, even without the existence of a "cook book" approach to the various featurez of the editor.
" Monolith: Making this great game engine available commercially; releasing the Gruntz Editor to the public.
" Whoever: Actually designed and implemented a great (!!!) puzzle game.
" My wife: Who bought the game in the first place!!! (and lets me play it).