Conquest of Green Gruntz Castle ( Custom level by Günter )
Story by IdleAl

Preview without links and pictures

Pick up the gauntletz and break the rocks. The barehanded grunt picks up the toobz. The gauntletz enters the green pyramids and breaks the rocks. Find your barehanded grunt by checking the Statz page. Move this grunt south to the gold switch. Select the gauntletz grunt and move him out of the green pyramids. Move the toobz through the green pyramids to join the gauntletz. Break the rocks and have the toobz pick up the jack-in-the-box. Swim across the water, give the toy to the clubz grunt and stand on the blue switch. Move the gauntletz across the water and break the rock behind the tree. Move the toobz out of range of the enemy grunt. Pick up the coin behind the tree. Use your gauntletz to take out the boomerangz grunt and let the toobz grunt pick up the megaphone in the southwest corner of this area.

Find the barehanded grunt and give him the sword. He needs to kill the clubz grunt and exit to the south across the moving walkway to the small island with the red switch. Stand on the red switch. The gauntletz now breaks the rocks and gets the Zap cola. Break the remaining rocks and pick up the megaphone. Let the toobz grunt pick up the spongegunz. The spongegunz now shoots the top 2 gruntz onto the purple switches and kills the third one. The top grunt will go on the left switch. Break the rock, get the coin and move both gruntz to the checkpoint area. After you get beyond the purple pyramids, use your spongegunz to shoot one of the gruntz off the purple switch. Then move to the checkpoint.

Find your swordz grunt again and give him the springz. Jump north across the lava and get the W. Exit the lava using the breakable walkway. Make your way to the landing to the south. Jump across the breakable tiles, being sure to hit the blue switch on your way, to the gold switch. Go along the arrows and pick up the time bombz. Step on the gold switch and move back along the arrows. Blow up the rocks and get the Zap cola. Head for the area with the large volcanoes. Blow up the volcanoes and the rocks. Pick up the 3 coins and step on the orange switch. Go back the way you came and continue south from the gold switch. Blow up the rocks here and get the coin. Step on the gold switch again, cross the arrows and step on the checkpoint.

Use the gauntletz to kill the hatz. Break the rocks and get the 2 coins. Put the spongegunz on the blue switch. Move the gauntletz across the bridge and break the rocks. Step on the green switch. Move the spongegunz and gauntletz northeast to the arrow maze. The gauntletz must enter the maze and the spongegunz must shoot him onto the gold switch.

The time bombz now navigates through the squirters, blowing up the rocks, getting the coin and stepping on the 3 black 1 switches. Walk over the lava field walkway and enter the blue wormhole. Step on the arrows and get to the shovel and the black 1 switch. Enter the blue wormhole and immediately head for the next blue wormhole. Dig the hole to the east, move 2 spaces east and immediately return to the original space and dig the hole again. The enemy grunt will fall down the hole. Step on the green and black 1 switches. Dig the hole behind the tree in the vicinity of the blue wormhole to reveal a ? switch.

Put the spongegunz on the blue switch again that controls the bridge across the water. Move your gauntletz grunt to the center of the bridge and let your shovelz grunt step on the ? switch. Your gauntletz now moves south, breaks the volcano and the rocks and gets the coin. Pick up the toobz and head south across the water. Kill the purple grunt and step on the blue switch. Continue south and get the attention of the toobz grunt. Have him follow you back north and use the arrows to squish him. Go south again and get the 2 coins. Then head north and pick up the gauntletz. Return south and break the rocks. Get the A and the Zap cola. Break the rock under the blue wormhole and enter the wormhole. Send the shovelz through the blue wormhole and then north to safety.

Move the gauntletz into the green pyramids maze and break the rock at the top and the rock near the springz. Go to the top center where the hole is with a grass space on each side. Move your spongegunz into the maze so he can (T)arget the hole. Shoot at the hole and move your gauntletz grunt over it, thereby knocking him beyond the hole. Your gauntletz now breaks the rock by the black 1 switch and steps on the switch. The spongegunz goes and gets the springz. Move him to where the black pyramid was lowered, then south to the other black 1 switch, and out of the maze. He can now join the shovelz grunt by using the moving walkway in the lava below (diagonal jumps). The shovelz fills the 2 holes north of the column of black pyramids. He then fills the top hole near the gauntletz. Move the gauntletz to the other side of the hole and enter the maze again. Break the rock to the south. The shovelz now enters the maze below by entering the lane where the rock was the gauntletz just broke. Fill the hole on the other side of the divided wall and exit the maze. Now the gauntletz can make his way out of the maze by returning to his position on the other side of the hole above, then south and west through the maze, breaking rocks and getting the coin.

Move the springz north of the black pyramid column to the vicinity of the gold switch. Move the shovelz to the opening blocked by the black pyramid just above the column of black pyramids. Jump on the gold switch and as soon as possible, move the shovelz grunt to the green switch. He must stand on this switch until the rockz have passed the green pyramids below. He then follows the rocks until he can pass them. He must clear a path for the rocks by heading across the solid bridge over the lava and fill the hole. As soon as he can, head back west along the bridge, fill the hole to the southwest, get the gauntletz and break the rock on the right. Then head south across the arrows and break the first rock you come to. Continue west (don't wait on the time bombz to blow up), break the 2 rocks below the arrows, get the coin and step on the orange switch. Then head north across the arrow and break the 2 rocks there. The rocks will take care of the 2 columns of enemy gruntz above. If the spongegunz should still be alive, kill him. Break the remaining rocks to reveal 3 cases of Zap cola and the shieldz. The springs now goes south to jump on the red switch beside the column of trees. Move the gauntletz to the left of the red pyramids. The springz must now take a similar route as the shovelz did to join up with the other 2 gruntz. One of the gauntletz picks up the shieldz and all the gruntz help themselves to the Zap cola if necessary. All 3 gruntz move to the checkpoint.

The springz jumps over the water and kills the spongegunz. The gauntletz breaks the rocks, picks up the con and one of the toys. The shieldz grunt gets the other toy. The springz jumps north across the holes (loses springs) and steps on the black 1 switch. The shieldz grunt crosses the spikes and takes the hits as you get your barehanded grunt out of this area. The gauntletz now enters the area and breaks the rock north of the switch and exits the area. Finally, the shieldz comes out. All 3 gruntz enter the next area to the west and stay next to the east wall. One at a time, lure the swordz gruntz and give them a toy (use the ball first…lasts longer). You MUST have both swordz gruntz on or below the purple switches! Now move all 3 gruntz into the western part of this area. Break the rocks, get the coin and have either the shieldz or the barehanded grunt, whichever has the least life remaining, pick up BOTH pairs of gravity bootz.

The gravity bootz grunt steps on the black 1 switch. Other grunt gets the shovel and fills the holes. The gravity boots grunt now steps on the green switch and goes to pick up the spy gear. The shovelz gets the attention of the rocks gruntz and kills them. Be SURE you kill everything here so you have a goo puddle for each enemy. You will need a total of 12 goo puddles to continue later. Dig the holes in the next area and get the Zap colas. Also pick up the megaphone in the northwest corner. Use the spy gear to find your way through the brown blocks. Use the gauntletz to break through and use him and the shovelz to take out the boxing gloves grunt. Continue using the spy gear on the remaining blocks in the next area. Break the top 2 tiers of blocks on the 2 piles on either side of the horizontal wall to the west. Then break the 2 stacks of tiles leading to the bombz. You will lose the gauntletz on the last hit. The spy gear grunt gets the bomb and targets the end of the horizontal wall to the east. This will make an opening in each wall to pass through. Fill the hole in the lower section and get the coin. Then stand on the spikes and fill one of the holes beside the green pyramids. Move across the hole you just filed into the next area. Fill the holes there and uncover the coin and the Zap cola. Pick these up as well as the strawz with your shovelz grunt. Your barehanded grunt now grabs the ghost power-up and heads for the area with the 3 swordz gruntz, the hatz and the green switch. Get the hats and kill the swordz gruntz.

Now the strawz goes back through the section sucking up goo puddles. The hatz backtracks to where you left the 2 swordz grunts by the purple switches. By staying as far north in this area as you can, you should be able to target the swordz and kill them without them coming after you. Move the strawz and the hatz on the purple switches. Take the gruntz out of the ovenz and put them on the creation point. Send one of these gruntz to stand on a green switch and move the other to the red switch. The hatz can now take out the 2 shielz gruntz and the strawz can suck up the 3 goo puddles. Drop the new grunt onto the creation point and move him to the grunt on the red switch. Both gruntz now enter this area. Give one the gauntletz in the Resoursez and put the other on the gold switch. The gauntletz breaks the rocks and the volcano. Switch places and let the barehanded grunt pick up the shovelz, dig the holez, pick up the R and step on the orange switch. Then have him fill the holes in this area. The gauntletz now gets the warpstone and both gruntz enter the blue wormhole.

Take the shouvelz north to the hole inside the arrows. Fill the hole and step on the filled hole to open a red wormhole. Go through the wormhole and move to the northwest corner of this area. Fill the 2 holes south of your location, go one space south of the second hole to attract the clubz and then return to the top and fill the hole. The clubz should drop down the hole. Search this area for the 3 coins and the case of Zap cola. Exit the red wormhole and rejoin the warpstone gruntz.

Move both gruntz into the area to the east and uncover the gauntletz, brick laying tool and the wingz. Pick up the brick laying toolz and head to the area where the 3 balls are rolling back and forth. Make your way through this section using the arrows to avoid the balls and laying bricks to break the balls. Be sure to leave yourself an way out after you step on the orange switch. Now pick up the gauntletz and break all the rocks. Get the coin and the Zap cola. Then pick up the wingz and enter the area of trees and 2 clubz gruntz. Move along the top of this area and fly over the lava. Then use your tornadoes to take out the clubz and step on the orange switch. Return to where the warpstone grunt is and, taking the shortest flight over water, go north and step on the last orange switch. Deliver the warpstone to the king.