The Gunslinger ( Custom level by Günter )
Story by IdleAl

Preview without links and pictures

Disregard the swordz grunt for now. Scroll the screen to the right to locate your barehanded grunt. Select him and move him down to avoid the swordz attack. Now select your welderz and eliminate the enemy welderz, the 4 boomerangz and the 2 swordz. Move the barehanded grunt to the green switch to lower the pyramid. Move both gruntz into the area with the balls rolling up and down. Navigate both gruntz through the balls. Put one grunt on the green switch and put the other one on the black 1 switch. Now move both gruntz to black 1 switch on the west side of the water. As soon as you lower the black pyramids, move both grunts to the east in the vicinity of the gauntletz. Eliminate the 4 clubz gruntz with the welderz.

Have the welderz step on the 3 green one-time switches and stand on the hold-down switch. Move the barehanded grunt to the southeast corner of this area near the blue switch. There is a secret opening in the corner of the wall that allows access to the area to the east. Retrieve the W and the club. Then eliminate the 2 boxing glovez you can get to. Enter the blue wormhole and eliminate the other 2 boxing glovez. Retrieve the straw and suck up the 2 goo puddles. Then enter the blue wormhole, retrieve the Zap cola and suck up the remaining 2 goo puddles. Drop the new grunt onto the creation pad and move him to the gold switch. Now the strawz can reenter the area to the west and stand on the blue switch.

Move the welderz across the water and eliminate the swordz grunt near the checkpoint. Then eliminate the other swordz and pick up the megaphone near the green pyramids. Give the springz to the welder and jump back across the water using the orange tile. Jump across the area where the yellow tiles are and trip the black 1 switch. Now send the springz to the green hold-down switch below. The strawz now retrieves the gauntletz and breaks the rocks in this area as well as the rocks at the beginning of this level. Collect the coins you uncover and step on the ? switch. The ? switch releases one of the balls to the east so it rolls over the green switch surrounded by green pyramids near the checkpoint.

Move the gauntletz back to the blue switch south of the water. The springz now jumps across the water and stands on the blue switch behind the golf bag. The gauntletz joins the springz on the east side of the water. Place the gauntletz on the green switch to the south and send the springs to retrieve the shovel. Dig the hole and collect the coin. Then place one grunt on the gold switch to the north and send the other grunt to retrieve the coin Dig the hole near the checkpoint and retrieve the warpstone. Move to the checkpoint.

Instead of delivering the warpstone to the king right away, walk around the north side of the king to the gray square. This triggers a red wormhole. Send the gauntletz through the wormhole. There is nothing to do here unless you have not been here before. Just exit the wormhole and deliver the warpstone to the king.