A Warped Mind ( Custom level by MadLady )
Story by IdleAl

Preview without links and pictures

Go through the green wormhole and then to the blue wormhole in the lower right. You will need to get to the area with the ice blocks, wormhole and warp letter. Do not hesitate in this part or the ball will squish you. Get the gauntletz and break all the ice blocks. Get the coin and step on the ? switch to get the W. Go through the blue wormhole to the first checkpoint.

Go through the wormhole and then through the blue wormhole on the left. Break the ice blocks, get the coin, grab the springs and kill the spongegunz. Step on the gold switch until the rolling rock is going in a circle. The barehanded grunt gets the shovel and, while standing on the spikes, fills one of the holes. He then digs the holes revealing 2 coins, a Zap cola and a green switch. The green switch controls the green pyramids in the red moving walkway maze to the north. Step on the green switch. The shovelz grunt MUST enter the blue wormhole in this area FIRST.
The shovelz fills the 2 holes, gets the conversion power-up and converts the blue gauntletz grunt before he dies. Break 4 rocks (2 are hidden behind the crates), get the Zap cola, 2 coins and the shovel and enter the blue wormhole to the second checkpoint. The springz grunt now enters the blue wormhole. His first objective here is to grab the coin that is 3 spaces north and 1 space east of the welder below. To do this, move him (without hitting the breakable square) to the landing below and to the right of his current location. Timing is very critical here. You have to get the coin and get back to the landing without getting hit by the welder. You have to click on the coin to get him moving and, while he is in the air to the coin, click on the landing again to get him off the space as soon as possible before getting hit by the flame. Now he gets the 3 coins to the southeast, exits through the blue wormhole in this area, and joins the shovelz at the second checkpoint.

The springz goes through the right wormhole. There is an almost invisible square 3 spaces to his left. Move him to this square and then north to the small landing. This triggers a red wormhole to the A. After exiting the red warp, return to the starting place. Get the toobz and then the walker. Give the walker to the welder; grab the coin and exit through the blue wormhole. Move the toobz to the middle landing while avoiding the gauntletz grunts. Grab the coin and (if necessary) the Zap cola. Step on the black 1 switch.

The shovelz grunt goes through the blue wormhole and makes his way to the wormhole to the right.. Here he gets the wingz. He now has to "blow" the 3 gruntz onto the purple switches so SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. Fly to the 3 green switches to the south, get the coin and then go to to the black 1 switch. Now WALK to the other green switches, get the R and exit through the left blue wormhole to the third checkpoint. The toobz gets the coin and goes through the wormhole to the third checkpoint.

Send both gruntz through the wormholes (does not matter here). Starting with the grunt on the left, get the strawz and enter the arrows so you will exit at the timer switch. The other grunt gets the boomerangz and enters the arrow maze so he will exit at the silver pyramid. The strawz grunt will have to lower the silver pyramid. Use the boomerangz to kill the 2 swordz and 2 spongegunz gruntz. Suck up the goo puddles. The barehanded grunt gets the gauntletz and breaks the rock to reveal the second ? switch. Send the gauntletz grunt through the red and green pyramids to the area under the P. Step on the ? switch to access the P. Move all three gruntz through the red and green pyramids to the right side.

The strawz grunt takes the top blue wormhole to the 4th checkpoint. The boomerangz grunt takes the middle wormhole to the red moving walkway, to the other wormhole and on to the 4th checkpoint. After triggering this checkpoint, send one of your gruntz to get the coin. The gauntletz grunt gets the coin and triggers another red warp by stepping on the green pyramid in the lower right corner of the maze. The red warp will take him to the warpstone. When you exit the red warp, enter the blue wormhole and on to the 5th checkpoint. After triggering this checkpoint, there's nothing left to do but pay a visit to the king.