Walkthrough World of Sweetz (sublevel 1)

Pick up the gauntletz, walk north to the left and get the coin. Smash the cake at the right hand side and get the jack-in-the-box. Walk south, go upstairs and get the coin at the right. Enter warp 5 leading you towards the end level. Hit the black one switch and return through the blue warp. When entering warp 5 again you cannot go back anymore! As most green warps at the end of the sublevels the blue warp returns you to the starting area in the path of the rolling balls! Now enter warp 1. Give the jack-in-the-box to the enemy sword gruntz and hit the timer switch. Wait until the pyramids near the green warp go down for the second time before entering the maze. Keep on walking until you reach the shovel. Start walking again towards the exit where you have to quickly close the hole before you can leave the maze. Leave the sword!

Go downstairs and close some holes around the sponge gun but don't pick it up yet. Open the other holes and you'll find a stopwatch and some zap cola. Get the conversion powerup on the black one switch. Run towards the enemy straw grunt, touch him and wait on the other green hold switch. Quickly get your new straw grunt of the green hold switch and cross the pyramids. Suck up the four puddlez, still leave the sword, walk back and wait on the green hold switch. Your new grunt picks up the sponge gun and hits the other green hold switch. The straw grunt steps off the switch and hits the lower yellow hold switch. Keep your eye on the right ball, as soon as the ball passes the two-way arrow step onto the other switch. Repeat this until the ball hits the green toggle switch in the center. Once this switch has been hit you don't need the balls anymore. Put both your gruntz on the purple switchez and release the gauntletz grunt. As soon as the latter crosses the purple pyramids the enemy boomerang grunt attacks. Don't go downstairs before he is killed! Keep walking to avoid being hit by the boomerang. Attack the boomerang grunt when he is reloading. Now kill the enemy straw grunt and wait. Your own straw grunt triggers the red warp.

After returning from the red warp the straw grunt joins the gauntletz grunt. Smash the timebombed cakes and get the zap cola. Step on the green toggle switch at the entrance of the red pyramid maze when the ball at the right rolls north. Quickly step off and on the switch again so that the ball stays locked. Enter the maze and wait on the spikes, when the pyramids go down take one step ahead off the spikes until the pyramids go up again. The pyramids are controlled by the red switch at the bottom of the maze. Now hit all the black one switches, pick up the coin and wait near the three black pyramids. The sponge grunt hits the green toggle switch and releases the ball. Walk through the maze and get the shovel. Now both gruntz hit the checkpoint.

The shovel grunt closes a hole behind the gingerbreadman and gets a coin. Then he walks over the bridge and uncovers the secret ? switch. Together first kill the enemy club grunt by luring him towards you and then the enemy shield grunt. The gauntletz grunt walks back to the green pyramids and the shovel grunt hits the green hold switch behind the candycanes, watch out for planes! The gauntletz grunt smashes the giant cake and the smaller timebombed cakes and finds a coin. When you need some zap cola have the shovel grunt dig it up in the same area. Give it to the weakest grunt, you need some health to leave the starting area! The grunt with the largest health bar takes the spring. Both gruntz cross the breakable bridges. The spring grunt gets the bottle of zap cola. Behind the candycanes a stopwatch is hidden.

The grunt without the spring positions himself to the right of the hole in front of the silver pyramids. The spring grunt hits the timer switch. As soon as the pyramids go down enter the maze and click on the sword. Now quickly move the spring grunt to the other side of the hole and enter the maze as those pyramids go down. Simply click on some spot at the top outside the pyramids so you don't have to bother anymore about the spring grunt. While the latter is moving, position your sword grunt in front of the pyramids near the candycanes. As soon as the pyramids go down enter the maze and keep on walking!

First the sword grunt returns through the green warp, you are returned in the path of the balls! Then he
enters warp 5 towards the end level where he is put on a safe spot near the candycanes on the left. Now the spring gruntz  enters the green warp and then enters warp 2 towards the next sublevel!