Walkthrough World of Sweetz (sublevel 2)

Cross the bridge towards the black one switch and hit the blue toggle switch. In easy mode first kill the enemy gauntletz grunt, get the zap cola and pickup the reactive armor powerup. In normal mode pick up the reactive armor powerup and kill the enemy gauntletz grunt. From here it is the same for both modes. Kill the enemy club grunt and then kill both enemy sword gruntz. Get the can of zap cola, but beware of the enemy gun hatz grunt. Now you have to kill the four enemy welder gruntz, don't hit the green toggle switch before you've killed them all. After killing them lower the pyramids and pick up the stopwatch. Walk back and get the straw. Suck up the four puddlez and put the new grunt on the creation pad behind the lollypopz. He gets the boomerang located next to the creation pad. Though not intended you can kill the enemy sword grunt walking around the cake from there. This is sublevel 4 and there are other ways to kill him in that sublevel but this is certainly the easiest one! Now kill the enemy gun hatz grunt, this wasn't intended either but I've left it this way because the level appeared to be hard enough as it is.

Put the boomerang grunt and the straw grunt onto the purple switches to the left and release the gauntletz grunt. The latter smashes the cake nearby and finds a stopwatch. Further back in one of the cakes a coin is hidden. Smash the cakes near the checkpoint and you'll find another coin. Now place the boomerang grunt on the checkpoint and kill the first enemy sword grunt. From here you had to continue with the straw grunt and the gauntletz grunt only, however I've put the wrong tiles next to the pressure plates of the checkpoint so you can still use the boomerang grunt after the checkpoint by putting him between the pyramids of the checkpoint! Now put the gauntletz grunt and the straw grunt on the checkpoint. The boomerang grunt walks until the stairs and from there he kills another enemy sword grunt at the left behind the lollypopz. He also kills the rest of the enemy gruntz. The last grunt is a thief enemy grunt. By killing him you get a shovel at your disposal!

The straw grunt sucks up all the puddlez. Put your new grunt on the pressure plate and make him hit the green hold switch behind the lollypopz. The other gruntz go upstairs, the barehanded grunt goes downstairs and picks up the shovel. The shovel grunt gets the stopwatch, closes a hole at the opposite site and finds another coin. First move the straw grunt through the ball maze. Now the shovel grunt enters the ball maze. He has to go to the right hand side. First he can follow the same path as the straw grunt, then he must walk into the inner ring of the balls. The trick is to keep moving behind the two balls which are close together and cross diagonally to the inner ring when the two ball pairs come across. Beware of the planes! The shovel grunt digs up the second purple switch. The gauntletz grunt goes downstairs and enters the left hand side of the maze. He smashes a cake and finds the third purple switch. Hit the three switches until all balls are destroyed. The shovel gruntz digs up another coin while the gauntletz grunt finds a coin under the cake. If you didn't already kill the enemy gun hatz grunt on the hill now it's the time to do so. Use your boomerang grunt.

Move your gauntletz grunt near the stairs at the right while the straw grunt triggers the red warp. The gauntletz grunt enters the red warp and gets access to the secret ? switch. Now the shovel grunt goes upstairs and digs up a super speed powerup behind the lollypopz. He grabs the super speed powerup and crosses the cookie bridge. Before hitting the black one switch move all your gruntz over the black pyramid. The shovel grunt goes downstairs and reveals a blue hold switch. He hits it so the other gruntz can get across too. The boomerang gruntz goes downstairs and kills the enemy sponge grunt. The shovel grunt digs up a green hold switch in the corner. Put the boomerang grunt on this switch. The gauntletz grunt goes upstairs and smashes all cakes. He finds a coin and two purple switches. The straw grunt and the gauntletz grunt are put on these switches. The shovel grunt walks back, goes downstairs and finds another blue hold switch. Hit it so the straw grunt and the gauntletz grunt can join him. Now it's time to dispose of the boomerang grunt!

The shovel grunt gets the wingz and flies towards the giant cake at the opposite site. He picks up the gauntletz and smashes all the cakes and finds a coin. Now walk north towards another giant cake. After destroying the small cake, which is harder as usual, you get another coin. Now you must get rid of this gauntletz grunt. Put the straw grunt and the gauntletz grunt on the checkpoint. Move both gruntz as far as possible to the right and make the gauntletz grunt smash only the most right brick! Behind the candycanes there's a cake with a coin. Cross the bridge and enter the green warp. (you did hit the blue toggle switch at the beginning of this sublevel?) The straw grunt enters warp 5 towards the end level, put him next to the sword grunt. The gauntletz grunt enters warp 3 towards the next sublevel!