Walkthrough World of Sweetz (sublevel 3)

When the gauntletz grunt enters this sublevel he must move away from the green warp at once, otherwise he will be shot into one of the holes. Get the sponge gun and shoot the first two enemy sponge gruntz into the holes. Then shoot the grunt, who is near the coin, into a hole and pick up the coin. Walk back and shoot the last grunt from the toggle switch, don't shoot him into a hole! Walk back again so that the grunt steps onto the switch again. Just leave him there and avoid being hit. Get the megaphone, give your grunt the squeak toy and hit the checkpoint.

Walk south, get the zap cola and save your game! Now wait on the second stairs and give the squeak toy to the enemy sword grunt when he reaches you. Immediately click on the shovel, go downstairs again and dig up a coin. Then click on the coin behind the gingerbread man, keep on walking! When you are hit by the sword grunt you have to start over with the squeak toy. When the sword grunt is back on his place click on the black one switch and step one pace south. Wait until you are hit once by the sword grunt, walk around him and keep on walking until the arrows.

When the first candle rises step on the arrow and move towards the black pyramid. Close some holes, get the zap cola and the stopwatch. Position the shovel grunt to the right of the landing-stage, when the most left part of the moving bridge appears step on the landing-stage and back again. As soon as the boomerang has passed enter the breakable bridge. You'll be hit once by the boomerang. Get the megaphone behind the gingerbread man. Give the gauntletz to the barehanded grunt. The gauntletz grunt steps on the landing-stage and back again, the shovel grunt hits the blue hold switch and the gauntletz grunt walks over the bridge. Leave the zap cola but solve the pyramid maze.

The gauntletz grunt goes downstairs to the area with the three enemy gruntz, walks to the spot in front of the two candycorns and immediately back again. This triggers a fight between the three gruntz. Together with the shovel grunt kill the remaining enemies. The gauntletz grunt smashes the cakes and waits near the three black pyramids. Don't pick up the straw yet! The shovel grunt finds a coin and uncovers a black one switch. He hits it, picks up the straw and sucks up the three puddlez.

The gauntletz grunt goes downstairs smashes a cake and finds a stopwatch. Smash the giant cake and the timebombed small cakes for another coin. The last cake reveals a shovel, don't pick it up! Now kill the three enemy welder gruntz. Then kill the enemy sponge grunt and smash a cake with a coin. Suck up the puddle if you still need one and put the new grunt onto the creation pad. He gets the shovel. Hit the checkpoint. The straw grunt gets the gun hat at the opposite side and kills the boomerang grunt on the island. Get the zap cola, walk back and pick up the toob hidden behind the two candycanes. Now move all three gruntz near the lake.

Position the gauntletz grunt near the cakes, the shovel grunt near the lollypopz. The toob grunt enters the lake and triggers the red warp. All gruntz return to the checkpoint. The shovel grunt gets the sponge gun hidden behind the candycane near the checkpoint. The sponge grunt goes downstairs, hits the green toggle switch and waits on the green hold switch. Shoot the gauntletz grunt over the two-way arrows. Move him around the arrow maze and make him hit all the green toggle switches in the corners. Eventually he enters the platform with the giant cake, all pyramids must be down be then. To achieve this you have to go around the platform twice. The sponge gun controls the two-way arrows.

Watch out for planes! On the platform the gauntletz grunt smashes the giant cake and the small cakes. Some are timebombed. He finds a stopwatch, a coin and a green hold switch. This switch controls all the arrows on the platform. The sponge grunt and the toob grunt have to enter the green warp. Give any zap cola to the toob grunt, he will need it in the next sublevel. The sponge grunt enters warp 5 towards the end level, put him next to the sword grunt. The toob grunt enters warp 4 towards the next sublevel! Finally kill the gauntletz grunt on the platform.