Walkthrough World of Sweetz (sublevel 4)

The toob grunt attacks the enemy toob grunt and gradually moves towards the island with the zap cola. Just before you die get the zap cola and with a last attack you kill the enemy toob grunt. Now you click on the megaphone on the other island, don't fight the enemy toob grunt! As soon as you got the megaphone click on the green hold switch. Wait until the enemy toob grunt is at the opposite site of the pyramid, then step off and on the green hold switch. This destroys the enemy toob grunt. While still on the switch move the gauntletz grunt to the south away from the pyramids. Hit the checkpoint and wait in front of the spikes with the arrow. Just before the enemy sponge grunt is ready to shoot, step on the arrow, wait for a moment on the spikes and step on the arrow again so that you are shot over the arrow. Then quickly put on the bootz from the resourcez.

The gauntletz grunt goes downstairs, passes the balls and hits the green hold switch, watch out for planes. Now the bootz grunt triggers the red warp, this enables the gauntletz grunt to hit the secret ? switch. After the secrets put the bootz grunt onto the purple switch. The gauntletz grunt enters the blue warp next to the green hold switch. After the warp the gauntletz grunt hits the green toggle switch, this releases the ball at the bottom. Get the roidz powerup, smash the upper bricks and run towards the reactive armor powerup. Don't fight the first enemy gauntletz grunt yet, but proceed to the second one. The first enemy must pass the green pyramids, you need his goo! After killing the enemies smash the cakes for a coin, get the zap cola and the straw and suck up the four puddlez. Put the new grunt on the bottom purple switch, the bootz grunt should already be on the switch! The straw grunt walks over the green toggle switch towards the purple switch as well. The ball will lower the black pyramids. Now the bootz grunt can enter the blue warp!

The barehanded grunt gets the gauntletz hidden behind the candycane. He smashes the giant cake and the small cake and finds a pair of wingz. The straw grunt gets these wingz and all gruntz get across. Blow the enemy club grunt into a hole with the wingz grunt. The gauntletz grunt smashes a cake with a stopwatch. A megaphone is hidden behind the lollypopz. Use the go-kart to get rid of the enemy sword grunt. Hit the green toggle switch and give the zap cola to the bootz grunt. Don't give any cola to the wingz grunt. He finds a bomb behind the lollypops and blows up the bricks near the stairs. The gauntletz grunt smashes the rest of the bricks, the giant cake and the small timebombed cakes. He finds a stopwatch. If you didn't kill the enemy sword grunt with the boomerang in sublevel 3, now it's time to deal with him. You can either use hit-and-run or have him shot down by the enemy sponge grunt.

Hit the black one switch and go upstairs. First smash the bricks at the right bottom row. Then make the enemy gauntletz grunt smash the bricks at the opposite side, he loses his gauntletz and will be squeezed by the balls. Continue with the other bricks, smash only the cake near the entrance of the center part and all the cakes at the last part but don't hit or pick up anything! Wait at the entrance of the bottom left part. The rhythm of the pyramids at the exit must be changed by hitting several of the green toggle switches. Now the bootz grunt goes upstairs, he hits the right green toggle switch at the bottom. Then he goes upstairs and picks up a megaphone behind the gingerbread man. He walks to the center part to hit the switch and finally he hits the switch in the left part and gets a coin.

Give the shovel to the bootz grunt. The shovel grunt closes the hole near the pyramids and goes downstairs. When the balls are out of sync (due to a bug in the game) you can have the gauntletz grunt hit the green toggle switch near the arrows to get maximum down time for the pyramids. The shovel grunt digs up a coin at the left of the pyramids. Both gruntz proceed to the checkpoint. The gauntletz grunt waits near the stairs while the shovel grunt digs up a resurrection spell. Position the shovel grunt at the right of the stairs. Now the gauntletz grunt smashes the top cake in the spike area and gets a coin. When the shovel grunt starts reading the spell the gauntletz grunt is heading for the left bottom cake with a coin again. He smashes the right timebombed cake and the most two right bricks.

He goes upstairs and picks up a yo-yo behind the candycane at the right. Further to the left there is a cake with a stopwatch. There's a timebombed cake on the platform and another cake with a coin downstairs. Get the zap cola and wait in front of the moving bridgez. The shovel grunt walks until he's beside the bricks and digs up a coin. Then he uncovers an orange switch near the bridgez. Both gruntz cross the bridgez (part 1) Always keep a grunt near the orange switch otherwise you're locked in that area. The gauntletz grunt smashes a timebombed cake. Now the two gruntz trade places. The shovel grunt reveals a green hold switch and finds a beach ball behind the lollypop. He also takes the zap cola. The two gruntz trade places again. The shovel grunt crosses the bridgez again (part 2) Put him on the platform next to the pyramids. The gauntletz grunt hits the green hold switch. The shovel grunt closes a hole behind the gingerbread man to get the coin. Save your game now! Both gruntz return through a blue warp to the starting area and enter warp 5 towards the end level.