Banana Forest ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

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Pick up the conversion power-up and convert the green grunt. Move both gruntz to the checkpoint to the south. With the remaining grunt, pick up the monster wheelz. Cross the lava field and step on the black 1 switch. Then give the monster wheelz to the boxing gloves grunt. Move through the lava squirters, step on the black 1 switch and continue west. Avoid the bombz grunt and pick up the coin and the gravity bootz. Kill the wingz grunt. Get the gauntletz, break the rocks and pick up the springz. Jump through the hole maze to the bottom and kill the hatz. Continue in a southerly direction and pick up the jump rope. Give the jump rope to the boxing gloves and then trigger the black 1 switch. Pick up the warpstone, get the W and go see the king.