Attack of The Boomerang Gruntz ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

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Move through the holes section and find the hidden passage in the row of trees. Pick up the wingz and take out the boomerang grunt. Fly south across the water and take out the second boomerang grunt. Pick up the gauntletz and break the rocks to reveal a coin. There is another coin hidden behind the big tree to the east. Pick up the springz and jump over the tar pool. You may want to save here as the next section can be a little tricky. After getting past the 5 boomerang gruntz, get the case of Zap cola (you'll probably need it). There are a couple of ways to do this next section. You can continue up the path to the northeast and get the gauntletz to speed up removal of the 4 boomerang gruntz or you can do it the slow way and take them out barehanded. I'll leave that up to you. At any rate, take out the 2 boomerang gruntz guarding the W and the 2 boomerang gruntz guarding the warpstone. Get the gauntletz if you haven't done so, break the rock, pick up the coin and step on the ? switch. This opens up the wall below so you can get the W. All that is left is to pick up the warpstone and deliver it to the king.