Cooking Goo In The Kitchen ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

Preview without links and pictures

Get the gravity boots behind the bottle, walk along the spikes and get the 2 coins to the north. Navigate the switching walkway across the grill, avoid the olives and make your way north. Pick up the warpstone and step on the checkpoint to release the gauntletz grunt. With the gauntletz, break the boxes below to get the coin. Then walk north across the grill and step on the gold switch. Continue north and enter the blue wormhole. Make your way through the olives and enter the next wormhole. Break the pile of boxes, get the W and enter the next wormhole. Return to the starting area.

Just west of the opening to the northern grill you will trigger the red wormhole. Enter the wormhole and get the coin. Get the A (a bit tricky on timing but it can be done) and continue south. At the path leading to the next red wormhole, turn west and go 3 spaces. Move down 1 space and then back up. This will trigger another red wormhole. Avoid the springz as much as possible and step on the gold switch. This will cause the wall around the R to open up. Get the R and exit through the red wormhole. Grab the 2 coins and enter the red wormhole here.

Go across the electrical outlets, break the box and get the coin. Take out the toobz thief and pick up the toobz. Cross the water and get the 2 coins. Now select your warpstone grunt and head to the king.