Who Parked The Rocketship Here ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

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Pick up the gauntletz and retrieve the 2 coins. Go south of the enemy boomerangz to the checkpoint. Pick up the pogo stick and the coin. Cross the green blinking bridge to the next checkpoint. Break the large ice blocks and enter the area with the 2 enemy spongegunz. Pick up the shovelz and get the 2 coins by the spongegunz. Step on the shovelz checkpoint to the east and cross the green bridge to step on the green switch. Move back east of the checkpoint to the space above and to the left of the lowered green pyramid. This will open a red wormhole. Enter the wormhole, retrieve the 4 coins, step on the ? switch and retrieve the W. Now exit the wormhole. Move south across the bridge and give the pogo stick to the enemy swordz. Pick up the coin and enter the green wormhole to the east. Above and to the left of the right box is another red wormhole trigger. Enter the wormhole and get the coin. Then get the other coin to the west of the lava field. Pick up the warpstone and take it to the king.