Stonez,Pebblez,Rockz,OhMy! ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

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Break the rockz and get the coins. Under the top middle rock, there is a trigger that opens a red wormhole. Enter the wormhole, pick up the coin and exit. Break the brown blocks, eliminate the enemy bricklayerz and get the coin. Pick up the Zap cola. Eliminate the 3 enemy rockz and enter the green wormhole. Step on the ? switch to the east. Get the coin to the southwest and enter the green wormhole. Move across the water and the tar pool to the checkpoint. Pick up the W to the east. Walk back across the water and continue west from the checkpoint. Walk as far as you can west to trigger another red wormhole. Break the big rock, step on the ? switch, break the rock and get the coin. Now you can exit the red wormhole. Move to the checkpoint and then south to the gold switch to the southeast. Let the ball eliminate the enemy swordz. Move beyond the black pyramids before the ball hits the black 1 switch. Break the brown blocks leading to the king. Break the rock hidden behind the gree and get the coin. Retrieve the warpstone and deliver it to the king.