Stranded Island ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

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Find your grunt in the northwest corner and immediately move him to pick up the scroll. Move close to the enemy shieldz and read the scroll. Eliminate the shieldz. Step on the ? switch to the west and retrieve the coin. Go to the southeast and pick up the 2 coins and the shovel. Fill the 2 holes inside the lava field to the west and pick up the coin behind the tree. Move back through the walkway to the area of the first rolling ball. Step on the right arrow there to open a red wormhole. Enter the wormhole, get the W and exit. Continue past the next rolling ball and pick up the coin. Move back around the walkway and continue to the west to the 2 solid tiles. Stepping on the lower tile will trigger a red wormhole on the upper one. Move through the wormhole, retrieve the 2 coins and exit. Now move to the green wormhole. Pick up the yo-yo and step on the ? switch. Get the coin. Then give the yo-yo to the boxing glovez and move to the area near the king. Eliminate the enemy thief and pick up the wingz he drops. Get the 3 coins, pick up the warpstone and deliver it to the king.