Don't Eat Shock Tarts! ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

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Move east into the area with the toobz grunt. Enter the arrow maze to the south. Continue south and pick up the go-cart. Give the go-cart to the clubz grunt. Enter the area with the time bomberz and get the pogo stick. Continue through the holes maze and give the pogo stick to the boxing glovez grunt. Step on the black 1 switch. Retrace your steps and enter the green wormhole. Go south from here through the area with the spongegunz. Get the coin and enter the blue wormhole.

This time through the area with the toobz, get the jack-in-the-box and give it to the toobz. Then reenter the arrow maze and go back through the holes maze. Pick up the monster wheelz and give it to the yellow barehanded grunt. Bypass the king and step on the blue switch. Get next to the bombz grunt until he lights the fuse…then step aside and let him run. Get the W and visit the king.