Tower Of Cardz ( Custom level by Snower )
Story by IdleAl

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Locate your grunt in the lower right corner of the level. Get the ghost power-up and move past the swordz. Move past the 8-balls and then northwest to retrieve the coin. Move south past the 8-balls and step on the black 1 switch. Locate the grunt in the upper left corner of the level. Move him over the flipping walkway. Step on the black 1 switch and retrieve the shovel. Move the shovelz back across the flipping walkway to stand beside the $ plant to the north. Find the grunt that stepped on the first black 1 switch. There is a red wormhole trigger 2 spaces above the black switch. This sends your shovelz through the wormhole. The shovelz gets the W and the A and exits the wormhole. Move him back across the flipping bridge. Position the warpstone grunt beside the flagpole to the right of the R. Have the shovelz step on the ? switch and have the warpstone grunt retrieve the R. Take the warpstone to the king.