Gruntz Secret Level


One bad day Monolith's Kevin revealed that a secret level was hidden in the Gruntz game. We had the opportunity to ask him 10 questions to find out how to get to this secret level. Spontaneously a virtual forum was set up with IdleAl as representative supported by Bea, FriedGruntzaholic, Gaspi, Jean, Mary, RivenFireMarble, Sue and myself. After a hectic week with insomnia and headache it was FriedGruntzaholic who discovered the entrance to the secret level.

Access to the Secret Level:

Start Rocky Roadz level 1, get the gauntletz on the island and hit the checkpoint. Now save your game and use the cheat code "mplametoy". Your cursor changes into a yo-yo, give it to your grunt and step on the arrows. From now on you cannot save your game anymore. Use one of the other Gruntz cheat codes to kill enemies and hit switchez. Pick up the warpstone, walk over the moving bridgez towards the king. Until now I didn't succeed in crossing the bridgez, the timing is very tight.

Have a look at the Secret Level.