Walkthrough Stage 1 (Come back with a friend)

Get the gauntletz and smash all I call it mushrooms. Cross the moving bridge. At the first resting-place wait until the bridge continues in the direction of the coin. Pick up the megaphone, don't bother about the mushrooms, get a kart and give it to the thief grunt. Hit the blue toggle switch and cross the pool. Smash the red brick, run to the megaphone and wait on the puddle, so you don't have to fight until you get a goober straw. After killing the first enemy grunt kill the other one. Don't forget to take the keg of zap cola. Suck up the four puddlez and wait on the green hold switch. Put a new grunt on the creation pad, proceed to the pyramids where he gets boxing glovez.

The straw grunt picks up the next megaphone and gets a spring. Jump through the maze and hit all black one switches. When you leave the maze you lose the spring. Zigzag through the golf balls and hit the timer switch. Walk through the pyramids at the left hand side, pick up the shovel and return through the center of the pyramids. Proceed to the checkpoint closing some holes on the way. The boxing grunt gets the powerup, hits the enemy sword grunt and leaves the maze. Get the zap cola and pick up the megaphone. Get a sponge gun and proceed to the checkpoint.

Some zap cola is hidden in one of the holes. The shovel grunt walks the bridge towards the blue toggle switch. Start walking as soon as the bridge rises. Walk back again, proceed to the island, dig a hole to get rid of the ball and hit the first enemy boxing grunt. Now your sponge grunt shoots the enemy club gruntz into the holes. Position opposite the enemy sponge grunt and shoot him on the black one switch. Both enter the green warp. The shovel grunt first gets a coin at the hole at your right, watch out for the enemy gun hat grunt. Both gruntz proceed and they are back at the beginning.

Walk around the pool, close the hole in front of the arrow and trigger the red warp. Now the sponge grunt waits near the timer switch and the shovel grunt enters the arrow maze. He picks up the megaphone, give the spring to the sponge grunt. Now step on the arrow which leads to the three green toggle switches. From the first green switch step back on the arrow and then straight forward over the other three switches. You're now being lead to the black one switch in the corner. Proceed to the third green switch, walk back to the arrow again and then straight forward to the exit of the maze. Wait on the green hold switch. Now the spring grunt enters the maze. He merely jumps over the switches going the wrong way the first time, but when he jumps over the switches the second time he gets out off the maze!

Proceed to the checkpoint. The shovel grunt crosses the quicksand on the right the spring grunt gets the gravity bootz. The bootz grunt walks to the green hold switch in the center of the spikes so the shovel grunt can proceed. Together kill the two enemy gruntz. There are two coins hidden in the corners of the spiky maze. After you've found them both gruntz proceed and kill the next enemy grunt. The shovel grunt steps on the green hold switch. The bootz grunt passes the golf balls, gets the megaphone and hits the two green toggle switches. Walk back and give the timebomb to the bootz grunt. The shovel grunt closes one of the holes near the two mushrooms, the timebomb grunt blows up the right mushroom and gets the coin. Walk back and blow up the two enemy gruntz on the right. Proceed and blow up the mushrooms blocking the stairs. There's some zap cola in one of the holes near the checkpoint.

Step on the checkpoint and enter the green warp. You'll find a can of zap cola when you blow up the mushroom. You might leave it there for the moment. Now blow up the bricks and the enemy brick layers. Go downstairs, to the left work your way through the mushrooms and spikes and hit the black one switch at the end. Both gruntz walk back to the other side. The timebomb grunt crosses the bridge towards the volcano and hits the black one switch.

Now enter the volcano, it's leading to the secret ? switch. The shovel grunt gets the wingz and flies ashore immediately. Both go upstairs, the wingz grunt flies to the green toggle switches so the timebomb grunt can pass all holes blowing all mushrooms on its way. There's a coin hidden under the right mushroom near the stairs. Now blow up the bricks, hit the checkpoint and enter the green warp. Blow up the bricks and enemy sword gruntz closest to the castle. Blow up the castle bricks twice to create an entry in the top row. Now the wingz grunt goes upstairs, flies over the hole, gets the warpstone piece and delivers it to the king.