Walkthrough Stage 3 (Back from the dead and into the pool)

Get the resurrection spell, use it, give the new gruntz the zap cola and put them onto the purple switches. The gauntletz grunt smashes the two dice at the left revealing two toobz. Trade places with one of the other gruntz so he can get a toob, again for the other barehanded grunt. The gauntletz grunt walks down a little, smashes the two giant dice, hits the black one switch and then waits in front of the two two-way arrows in the starting area. (spotlight!) The two toob gruntz enter the water and together they kill the enemy toob grunt. Press the green hold switch and proceed with the gauntletz grunt. He walks to the right and up, smashes the lower of the four dice, zigzags towards the black one switch and waits in front of the two-way arrow. Continue with the toob gruntz.

They get the zap cola and the megaphone, kill the next enemy toob grunt and hit the green hold switch in the center of the pool. Give the pogo stick to the gauntletz grunt. He passes the two-way arrow and gives the pogo stick to the enemy sword grunt. There's some zap cola in the upper left hand corner, don't step on the checkpoint yet but wait in the upper right hand corner to avoid being hit by the sponge gruntz. One of your toob gruntz leaves the pool, just waits and the enemy toob grunt will be smashed by the rolling ball. Proceed to the green hold switch and get your other toob grunt to this pool as well. Now the gauntletz grunt hits the checkpoint and the black one switch. Back to your toob gruntz who kill another enemy toob grunt. Now put them on the purple switches, the gauntletz grunt passes the purple pyramids and waits in front of the green pyramids. A toob grunt hits the green toggle switch and the last enemy toob grunt attacks the gauntletz grunt. Just wait, he loses his toob so killing him is a piece of cake.

The toob gruntz proceed to the last pool. Hit the blue hold switch so the gauntletz grunt can cross the pool. He smashes the dice, gets the roidz powerup and kills the four enemy gruntz. Smash all dice, watch out some are timebombed, and step on the checkpoint together with one of your other gruntz. Now both gruntz cross the rolling balls and get the hidden megaphone. Give the shovel to the barehanded grunt. Open the hole and you've found the secret ? switch. Behind the dice there's another hole to open, there's a coin inside. The gauntletz grunt smashes some timebombed dice around the red hold switch.

Put the shovel grunt on this switch, he now controls the red pyramids inside the maze. The gauntletz grunt enters the maze. First walk to the green hold switch, walk back smash the dice, get the spell and hit the black one switch. Walk back towards the warpstone, but before entering this area use the spell. It freezes all gruntz, kill them quickly. Don't pick up the warpstone piece yet, but walk around the castle and trigger the red warp. Now you can get the warpstone piece and give it to the king.