Walkthrough Stage 4 (Keep your eye on the ball)

First hit the hidden green toggle switch and then step on the green hold switch. The ball at the left is released now and rolls over the secret ? switch. Walk back to the starting area and hit the hidden green toggle switch again. The ball rolls down and hits red toggle switches. When the red pyramids go down enter the maze, get the coin and the gauntletz and enter the blue warp. Now smash all dice and collect another coin. Step on the green toggle switch and just before the ball hits the silver pyramids press the timer switch. From now on you got limited time to continue.

As soon as you've hit the timer switch get the spring, jump to the goober straw and suck up the four puddlez. Walk to the orange switch and meanwhile put the new grunt on the creation pad, now walk to the green hold switch. Keep an eye on the ball at your right hand side, when it reaches the two-way arrow your straw grunt must stand on this green hold switch. Now both gruntz proceed to the platform, when the pyramids go down put them on the purple switches (spotlight!). They must stand here before the last ball hits the black one switch near the warp stone, this blocks access to the fortress. One of your gruntz walks through the maze, gets the warpstone piece and gives it to the king.