Walkthrough Stage 2
(Would you like some holez to go with that?)

One grunt leaves the platform and steps on the green hold switch below. The other grunt leaves the platform, walks down and waits on the red hold switch where he's locked for the time being. Now you're gauntletz grunt kills the four enemy boxing gruntz, watch out for the arrows! He walks back a little and smashes all the timebombed ice cubes. Now he walks back to the beginning and waits near the locked grunt. The barehanded grunt gets the goober straw and the baby-walker and sucks up the four puddlez. Sneak past the enemy sword grunt and get the coin behind the lava. Now you give the baby-walker toy to the sword grunt, quickly get the coin behind the satellite, hit the checkpoint and go downstairs where you hit the black one switch.

Put a new grunt on the creation pad. Just drop your new grunt onto the enemy sword grunt! The gauntletz grunt passes the lava and smashes the ice cubes in front of the two purples switches. Together hit the purple switches. You're barehanded grunt steps on the blue hold switch. Now the straw grunt enters the blue warp. During the fight with the enemy toob grunt walk towards the zap cola. Now cross the breakable bridge maze, pass the rolling rocks, get the zap cola and cross the moving bridge maze. Go upstairs and kill the enemy welder grunt. First get the gauntletz behind the three enemy welder gruntz. Just avoid them, there's no need to fight. Walk back, cross the three arrows and smash the two bottom ice cubes. Get the roidz powerup and kill the two enemy spring gruntz.

Proceed downwards and step on the green toggle switch. Run to the upper right black one switch and zigzag downwards over the other switches. Keep ahead of the rock! Smash all the ice cubes, some are timebombed, but watch out for the enemy gun hat grunt. Don't pick up the invisibility powerup yet, but proceed smashing the ice cubes downwards until you got a coin. Now smash the timebombed ice cube at the other side of the blocks too, this is the red warp trigger. Now walk back, get the invisibility powerup, go upstairs to the right, hit the black one switch and keep on walking towards the end of the platform. A coin is hidden behind the satellite. Go upstairs to the platform with the search lights and wait on the black one switch. Don't fight the enemy shovel gruntz!

Now back to the barehanded grunt waiting on the blue hold switch. He gets the yo-yo, walks down the corridor and picks up the megaphone. Go upstairs and step on the green hold switch. As the enemy sword grunt spots you, step one pass back and as soon as he hits the green hold switch, give him the yo-yo and proceed to the blue warp. Get the coin in the lava maze, walk back and go to the other side of the maze, wait here.

Back to the beginning where you have two gruntz waiting on the purple switches. Give the barehanded one gauntletz from the resourcez and together proceed to the checkpoint. As soon as you step on this checkpoint the enemy rock grunt attacks. Just step aside and hit the checkpoint again. Both gruntz proceed down the corridor and kill the welder grunt. Smash all ice cubes and you'll find zap cola and a coin. Now step on the green hold switch.

The barehanded grunt, waiting near the lava maze, steps on the orange switch and back again. One of the gauntletz gruntz passes the search light, smashes an ice cube and walks straight forward into the narrow corridor. A megaphone is hidden behind the satellite. Walk back and smash the red brick on your left. Return to the gauntletz grunt. Now the gauntletz grunt walks around the open space towards the second enemy wingz grunt, just ignore the first one. Smash the ice cubes and hit the secret ? switch.

Walk back, press the orange switch and both gruntz proceed towards the two green hold switches. Now continue with the grunt waiting near the lava maze. Enter the maze again and walk towards the stairs. Here you pick up the invulnerability powerup, hit the black one switch, go downstairs and pass the lava towards the timer switch. Hit the timer switch, one of your other gruntz passes the silver pyramids at the left hand side, meanwhile you hit the red hold switch so he can get through. Do the same thing for the other grunt.

The gauntletz grunt hits the black one switch. Walk back and pass the narrow corridor at the bottom. The other barehanded grunt picks up the boomerang and waits on the left green hold switch. The gauntletz grunt hits the timer switch twice so the grunt arrives at the first green pyramids. Now he hits the switch for the third time and immediately proceeds to the right green hold switch. Finally the boomerang grunt hits the timer switch and your through.

The boomerang grunt hits the enemy bomb grunt. He blows up both the sword grunt and himself. Now you can hit the black one switch and enter the blue warp. Get the shovel from the resourcez. Walk around the castle and wait near the warpstone. The gauntletz grunt enters the platform with the enemy wingz gruntz. The easiest way to kill them is having them fly above a hole while they attack. Smash all ice cubes, hit the green toggle switch in the upper left hand corner, hit the black on switch and in the same area in the upper left hand corner collect a coin. Both the gauntletz and the boomerang grunt proceed towards the moving bridge. You have to zigzag over the breakable parts to get across.

Now the shovel grunt steps on the blue hold switch and the gauntletz grunt crosses the bridge. He kills both the enemy gun hat gruntz. Put the gauntletz grunt and the boomerang grunt on the purple switches. The shovel grunt closes the holes and triggers the red warp. Pick up the warpstone piece and go back to the castle. Hit the timer switch and enter the castle at the left through the center pyramid.